Top Nomad Conferences Around The World

When you’re a nomad leading a somewhat unconventional life, it’s important to find your tribe so that you can keep the inspiration flowing as well as get practical business information and support from like minded people who are thriving in business and in life.

The following list details the top 10 digital nomad conferences around the world where you can learn, grow, and build new relationships both professionally and personally whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, freelancer, remote worker, or digital nomad.

Top Nomad Conferences

1. Running Remote

Where: Bali, Indonesia
When: Summer

This conference started in 2018 instantly becoming the world’s largest conference for distributed teams. Network and get practical tips and advice on building and scaling a remote team from the top industry founders, leaders, and project managers whether you yourself are an entrepreneur looking to build or grow your team or you’re a freelancer seeking inspiration and new work opportunities.

2. Freedom X Fest

Where: Europe & Around the world
When: Summer

This outdoor festival celebrates the location independence movement, so much so that it’s up to users to vote to decide where the next event is held by voting for a city, island, mountain, or jungle location! Location independent leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers come together at Freedom X to discuss working remotely, entrepreneurship, global schooling, personal development and everything else relevant to living an inspiring life of freedom that’s not limited to a single location. It’s much more than ‘just’ a conference with speakers and workshops, you can also enjoy a range of spiritual and recreational activities too.

3. DNX Festival

Where: Berlin, Germany & around the world
When: Varies

A mega-event for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and life hackers who are living/working a holistic lifestyle. With keynote speakers and workshops teaching you nomad business essentials in order to live your passion whilst giving back plus live music events to fuel your creativity, this is one of the biggest events in the world aimed at digital nomads and packs quite a punch with all the high-vibes of like-minded individuals coming together under one roof.

4. Nomad Summit

Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand & Around the world.
When: Varies

Whether you’re experienced in living a location independent lifestyle or aspire to make this become your way of life, join like-minded people at this popular digital nomad networking event. Inspiring 40 minute TED style talks are led by industry leaders who share their travel hacks, tech tips, and entrepreneurial success stories with you, explaining what location independent means for them and how they have achieved it.

5. Nomad Cruise

Where: Cruise Ship & Various Ports
When: Varies

See multiple locations as you move around the seas and oceans of the world on a luxury cruise liner whilst learning, sharing, creating, and connected with a diverse mix of talented and successful nomads. On cruise days you’ll be kept inspired listening to industry leaders and taking part in educational workshops with other more light hearted events also taking place. You then have the opportunity to explore new lands, arriving into a new port so that you can say you’ve visited 5 destinations in 6 days. The cruise is by invitation only to ensure a diverse mix of people from different cultures and professionals but you can submit your credentials.

6. CU Asia

Where: Asia
When: Winter (Usually February)

CU Asia is an interactive ‘Coworking Unconference’ for community builders and members who are co-working, co-living, and/or co-giving. It combines interactive activities with academic research in an engaging and robust experience that brings together Asia’s best co-working operators, tech leaders, media companies, investors, researchers, and digital nomads with inspirational talks, an ideas/innovations fair, hot seat discussions, workshops and experiments, and other social events.

7. 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

Where: Around the World
When: Varies (Usually October)

This popular event for digital nomads helps entrepreneurs and remote workers find their tribe. Dedicated to holding 7 conferences in 7 years (it started in 2015) on 7 continents, 7in7 aims to shape and improve your lifestyle as well as your business whether you call yourself a digital nomad, remote worker, or location independent entrepreneur. CEO’s and entrepreneurs share their knowledge whether discussing money and best business practices, nomad dating, or living a nomadic lifestyle with kids and there are breakout sessions, Q&A sessions, workshops, meet-ups, games, plus volunteer opportunities.

8. Travel Con

Where: U.S.A
When: Summer (Usually June)

This conference revolves around travel media whether you’re a travel blogger, author, travel photographer, videographer, social media influencer, or anyone else who earns their living from and by travel. It connects you with industry leaders and influencers via keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions, and tutorial sessions helping you to improve your craft, grow your business, keep up to date with industry news, and connect with travel brands and other like-minded travelers.

9. DMSS – Digital Marketing Skill Share

Where: Bali, Indonesia
When: Fall (Usually November)

This conference brings you the latest news and knowledge relating to the digital marketing industry with actionable workshops, inspirational and insightful speeches, and a whole lot of networking fun and entertainment whether you’re a marketing professional, agency owner, or entrepreneur.

10. Nomad City

Where: Gran Canaria, Spain
When: Fall (October/November)

Initially aimed at bringing local remote workers together to enjoy activities and socializing, Nomad City has now expanded bringing together remote workers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Talks and workshops surrounding remote work, entrepreneurship, and distributed companies are led by industry leaders to educate and inspire you whether you run a remote team yourself or work as a remote freelancer.

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Tal Gur is a world traveler and personal development enthusiast. An adventurer at heart, after trading his daily grind for a life of his own daring design, Tal spent a decade pursuing 100 major life goals around the globe. His journey continues as a location-independent blogger, lifestyle entrepreneur, and coach. Tal’s published two books: One Year to Freedom, a 1-Year Roadmap to Living Life on Your Own Terms; and, his most recent book and bestseller, The Art of Fully Living – 1 Man, 10 Years, 100 Life Goals Around the World.

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